Taste of The Q Train

57th St-7th Ave  N  R  W  
New York Bagel Company
Deep Diner Music
Crown Gourmet Deli Incorporated
Old Castle Pub and Restaurant
Halcyon Restaurant
Rihga Royal New York
Osteria Del Circo
Famous Original Ray's Pizza West Side Location
Faces & Names
Stage Star Deli
7th Avenue Deli
Bagel & Bean
Star Diner Restaurant Incorporated
Irish Pub
Stage Delicatessen
Estiatorio Milos
Hello Deli
Ferrara Cafe
Brasserie Centrale
Manhattan Chili Company
Between the Bread
Da Valentino Pizzeria & Restaurant
Oyster Bar Fifty-Fourth Street
Shelter Group
Pasta D'Oro
Benash Deli
Restaurant Associates
Bagel Cafe
Fluffy's Cafe & Bakery
Ameritania Hotel
Manhattan Framer's Market Incorporated
China Regency Restaurant
Burger Joint
Divine Bar
Seppi's at Le Parker Meridien
Carnegie Delicatessen
Lizard Lounge
Carnegie Delicatessen
55 St Deli Gourmet
Chez Paris Cafe
Joy II Delicatessen Incorporated
Broadway Market
Bistro Latino
Dream Hotel
Chin-Ya Restaurant
Broadway Regency Restaurant
Park Cafe
Daily Soup
The Pigman of Delancey Street
Dillons Restaurant & Lounge
Philip's Coffee
Wellington Hotel
Broadway Diner
Park Central Hotel
Club Metropolitan Tower Incorporated
Mc Gee's Pub & Restaurant
Fontana Di Trevi
Pizza Villagio
City Perk
Totto Restaurant
Japas 55
East Japanese Restaurant
Soup Kitchen International
Redeye Grill
Cafe Grand Marnier
Taprobane Sri Lankan Restaurant
Patsy's Italian Restaurant
India Pavilion Restaurant-West
Trattoria Dell'Arte
Pick A Bagel
Pacific Echo
Da Vinci
Pasta Lovers
Fuji Restaurant
Andre Restaurant
Bella Vita Pizzeria
3 Chefs Chinese Restaurant
Cafe Concepts
Brooklyn Diner USA
Brooklyn Diner
Fitzgerald Edibles
Cafa(C) Europa
Petrossian Boutique & Cafe
La Parisienne Coffee House
Gem's Circle Farm
Hard Rock Cafe
Mariella Pizza
Crystal Cafe
Times Square-42nd St-8th Ave  1  2  3  7  A  C  E  N  R  
Deli King
Salsa Deli Incorporated
Hotel 41 at Times Square
My Choice Coffee Shop
Kashmir Restaurant
Station Coffee Shop Incorporated
Siena Pizza
Singh Brothers Corporation
Rinconcito Mexicano
Times Cafe
612 Gourmet Deli Corporation
323 Incorporated
El Primitivo Restrnt
Top Broccoli Restaurant
Big Mama Sushi
Cricket Cafe Incorporated
McAnns Bar
Mrs Field's Original Cookies
625 Burritos Corporation
Leisure Time Bowl
Gli Food Service
Great American Cookie Company
Zaro's Bread Basket
42nd Green Tree Food Incorporated
Deli Plus
Cosane Incorporated
Hilton Times Square
Madame Tussauds
Applebee's Neighborhood Grill & Bar
Times Square Cafe
42nd Street Food Court
Pax Wholesale Foods
BB King's Blues Club Restaurant
Chevys Fresh Mex
Lunch on Broadway Incorporated
Lucky Star Cafe
Shula's Steak House - NY
Westin Hotels & Resorts
Westin New York Times Square
Big Apple Cafe
New York Restaurant Entrnmnt
Shannon Incorporated
Manhattan Community Board
G & H Deli
Trolley's Deli & Pizza
Texas Chicken & Grill
Shellys Coffee Shop
Angus McIndoe
Brasserie De Boeuf
Daily Soup
Famous Famiglia
Harlem Spiritual Incorporated
Soup R Star
Interstate Environmental Comm
Robert Emmett's
Club 44
Simply Savory
Ok Deli
Celebrity Delicatessen
Milford Plaza Hotel
Milford Plaza
Honolulu Steamship Company
Bread Factory Cafe
Frankie & Johnnie's Steakhouse
Ray's Real Pizza
Cyber Cafe
Ninth Ave Golden Chicken & Rib
Joe Franklyn's Restaurant
Tuscany Pizza Cafe
Hotel Employees & Restaurant
34th St-6th Ave  B  D  F  N  R  V  W  
Camel Cafe
Camel Cafe
Cafe 101 Sixth
Speedy Deli
Gammeeok Restaurant
Stanford Hotel
Luck Savana Restaurant
Sunshine Catering
Wing Hing Restrnt Incorporated
Jack Dempsey's
Stanford Hotel
Cafe Muse
Kum Gang San
Holiday Inn
Martinique Restaurant Associates
Diner on the Sq
Turn of the Century Rstnt Corporation
Kito Gourmet Deli
Keum Sung Restaurant
Blarney Stone Restaurant
Chinese American
Sbarro Incorporated
Cafe Cosenza
Sakkio Japan
M Cafe
Manhattan Chicken CO Incorporated
Cajun Cafe
Manhattan Mall Pretzel
Carribean Kitchen
Great Steak & Potato
Cajun Cafe & Grill
Harp Bar & Restaurant
Cafe Express
Charley's Grilled Subs
Surf City Squeeze
California Burrito
Sk Venture Consulting
Mrs Field's Original Cookies
Eamonn Doran
Joe O's
Anesis Cafe
Comfort Inn Manhattan
Brendan's Bar and Grill
Stout Restaurant & Bar
Blarney Rock Restaurant
Salt N Pepper
Metro Grill
Hotel Metro
Horng Bin Won Restaurant
Red Cafe
157 West 33 Gourmet Deli
Han Bat Restaurant
Cham Dubu
Auntie Anne's Hand Rolled Soft
Gypsy Caravan
National Restaurant Management
National Restaurant Plan
Riese Restaurant Party Planners
Asia Business Consultants LLC
LA Villa
Keens Steakhouse
Millenium Hilton Hotel
34th Street Diner
Emack & Bolio's Ice Cream
Cucina & Company
Alpine Gourmet Deli Incorporated
Pronto Pizza
Jat Restaurant
Sonic Trading LLC
Broadway Deli
Pax World
Ben's Pizza
Jimmy's Coffee Shop
Median Foods
LA Difference II Restaurant
Chop Stick House
Dr Barry Sears Zone Cuisine
New Hong Fashions Incorporated
Union Square  4  5  6  L  N  R  W  
La Belle Epoque
Terra 47
Mexicana Mama Centro
Alpha 1
Young Chow Restaurant
Amore Pizza Restaurant
Peace & Toda Corporation
Lannam Vietnamese Cuisine
Union Square Delicatessen Incorporated
Romeo's Ristorante
Corrado Bakery & Gramercy Cafe
Shades OF Green Pub & Rstrnt
Cafe 720
119 Bar
Copeland, Noel - Jacobson Realty Corporation
Council on the Environment
Chop Chop Editorial
Consumer-Farmer Milk Co-Op
Candela Restaurant
Zeny Incorporated
California Lovers Corporation
Giorgio's Pizza
Barocco Kitchen
Trevi Coffee Shop
Sal Anthonys Cafe
Atrium Deli & Grocery
The Coffee Shop
Blue Water Grill
Union Bar
Union Square Wines & Spirits
Heartland Brewery
Luna Park Pavillion
Irving Farm Coffee Company
Green Cafe
Ted Baker London
IN Season
Sushi Desse
DeKalb Ave  M  N  R  
Bagel Boys Express Incorporated
Metro Food Corporation
Sally's Jamaican Express
Patty Plus Bakery & Restaurant
Young's Coffee Shop
Original Bari's of Midwood Incorporated
31 Rockwell's Bas & Lounge
Coffee Corner
Anthony's Grocery
400 Flatbush Pizzeria
Pipitone Pizzeria
Ruthies Restaurant
For Goodness Steaks
Cafe Metro
Top Potato Incorporated
Cuzin's Duzin
Metro Taco Incorporated
Geido Restrnt
Atlantic Ave-Pacific St  1  2  4  5  M  N  R  W  
Bengal Grocery & Deli
JRG Restaurant, Bar & Fashion Cafe
Atlantic Center Bagels LLC
Don Pepe Restaurant
Apache Bar-B-Q Smokehouse Restaurant
Erwdh Corporation
Sabaa Restaurant
Fertile Crescent
Hanson Restaurant
Hanson's Gourmet Deli
Good Choices Kitchen Incorporated
7th Ave  
Juniors Restaurant
Lemongrass Grill
Santa Fe Grill
The New Prospect Cafa(C)
Fratelli Ravioli Pasta & Cheese
Ozzie's Coffee Incorporated
Olive Vine Pizza
Oscar Enterprise Oscar Pizza
Mandarin Restaurant
Mango Thai Restaurant
Brawta Caribbean Out Post
Prospect Perk
Mooney's Pub Incorporated
Wing Wagon
Yai Ling Chinese Food
Christies Jamaican Patties
King Wok
El Gran Castillo DE Jagua Incorporated
After Work Cocktail Jazz Series
After Work Cocktail Jazz Series
Mawule Jobe-Simon
Sushi Tatsu
Little Miss Muffin N Her Stffn
Ruby Kitchen
Chocolate Monkey
Antonio's Pizzeria
Juleo Luncehonette
City Lighting
Yummy Bagels
Joy Indian Restaurant
Prospect Park  S  
Flatbush Coffee
Golden Krust Corporation
Papa's Chicken & Ice Cream
Mike's International Rstrnt
New Dragon Kitchen
China House Restaurant
Tropical Spice
New Peking Restaurant
Lennie's Restaurant
Parkside Ave  
Green Lake Restaurant
El Castillo DE Jagua
773 Flatbush Ave Corporation
Danny & Pepper Jerk Chicken Express
Great American Coffee Shop
Tex Mex Fresco
Flavor Farm Ice Cream
Parkside Donut Incorporated
Island Icecream & Cake
Jamaican Pride Bakery Incorporated
New Lucky's Kitchen
Exquisite Movement Incorporated
Great Wall
Family Pizza
Gordon's Bakery
King Chef
Cafe Latino
Church Ave  
New Chin Chin Wu Restaurant
Golden Crust Caribbean Bakery
Cocoa Restaurant
Church Avenue Grill & Deli
Ken's Jamaica Bakery Incorporated
Exquisite Supreme Incorporated
Brooklyn Pizza II
Don Carlos Restaurant
Wok N Roll Kitchen
D-Train Deli
New Tent Chinese Take Out Service
Ram's Roti Shop
Good to Go Flavors Restaurant
Fisherman's Cove
D & Q Express Stop
Cortelyou Rd  
Picket Fence
John's Bakery & Pastry Shop
New Neighbor Kitchen
San Remo Pizza
Cortelyou Bagels
The Cornerstone
China Dragon
Bo Bo Restaurant
B & P Bakery & Restaurant
Newkirk Ave  
Nice Chinatown
Kabir Bakery
Citadelle Restaurant
7 Star Deli Grocery
New Empire Wok
Mamma Lucia's
Family Garden
Armando & Pablo's Restaurant
Double Dragon
Newkirk Pub
Fisherman's Cove
Foster Bagels
Loduca Pizza
Son Burrito Restaurant
Don Burrito
Deli Express Incorporated
Friend's Deli & Grocery Store
New Peking Restaurant
Ave H  
Kamshing Take Out Restaurant
Ave J  
Midwood Suites
US Russian Bread
Jerusalem II Pizza
Glatt Zone
Pizza Time
Gourmet on J Incorporated
Garden of Eat-In Corporation
Di Fara Pizza
Pizza Natanya
Jerusalem Steak House II
Meir Bakery
Isaac's Bake Shop
Kosher Bagel Hole
Circa NY
Ave M  
Paradise Caterers
Chap A Nosh
Weiss Bakery of Flatbush
Say Bagel & Cheese
Jerusalem Steak Houses II
Cpc Bakery Corporation
Coffee & Donuts at Elm Ave
Jerusalem II Pizza
Pete's Pizzeria
Glatt Kosher Number One Rstrnt
Meisner's Prepared Kosher Fds
T & S Bagel
Presser Kosher Baking Corporation
Chock Full O'Nuts
Shalom Hunan Kosher Restaurant
Tovellis Gelato Cafe
Kings Highway  
Kings Highway Donuts Incorporated
Lan King Chinese Restaurant
Athens Restaurant
Mikes Pizzeria
Brothers International Food
Mama Meyas Pizza
Hayshi Ya Incorporated
Hendel Products Incorporated
Kiev Bakery
Max Donut Shop
Ja Bagels Incorporated
Shalom's Kosher Pizza-Falafel
R & P of Brooklyn Corporation
Obzhora Sushi Bar & Cafe
New Best China Restaurant
Turkish Coffee Shop
Big G Apple Incorporated
Surprise Food Incorporated
Russian Bread
Ave U  
Ocean Palace Pavillion Incorporated
King of Latvia Delicatessen
Xin Kwong Seafood Restaurant
Ninos Pizza
Silver Bird Bakery Incorporated
Shaikh's Place Incorporated
Avenue U Wang Chun Corporation
J & J Donut Incorporated
A & B Fruits & Grocery Store
3 Star Restaurant
Luigi's Pizza
C & C Cafe Corporation
Saigon Deli
Neck Rd  
Mei Mei Bakery II Incorporated
New Great Wall Chinese Rstrnt
D & G Deli Grocery
Anyway Cafe
Sheepshead Bay  
Mitoushi Janpaness Restaurant
Wheeler's Restaurant
Del Mar Pizzeria
Okfana Corporation Restaurant
Top China
LA Sorrentina Pizza
Ichiban II Restaurant Incorporated
Chikurin Restaurant
Night Light Cafe & Jazz Club
New Clements Restaurant
Top Taco
Cheburechnaya Incorporated
Anatonian Gyro Restaurant Incorporated
China Bay Kitchen
Bagel Stop & Deli
Bay Pizzeria
Jimeliz Deli Incorporated
Coffee Spot Cafe
Friendly Food
Donsel Bar & Grill
Nicks Fortune Incorporated
Tamada Incorporated
Brighton Beach  
Chio Pio Incorporated
Pastorale Restaurant
Palace Roteserrie Incorporated
Cafe Minutka
Gena's Caffee Cappuccino
Exclusive Deli Incorporated
DE Ribas
Brighton Beach Deli & Apptzg
615 Brighton Cafe Incorporated
Royal Pizza
Mrs Stahl's Knishes
Eastern Feast
Art Cafe
Bristo Cafe
Atlantic Oceana
Cafe Glechik
Pak Nashamen Restaurant
Ocean Pkwy  
Riviera Grill & Sushi
Panda Oriental Gourmet
Gumbrinus Seafood Cafe Incorporated
Rocco Bakery
Rocco's Pizzeria
St Petersburg Cafe
Southern Gastronom Corporation
Stillwell Ave  F  W  
Denny's Delight Incorporated
Coney Island Beach Shop
Corner Chicken
Footprints Cafe
Pizza on the Run
Fronteras Grocery Corporation
J & S Fish Market
Robs Deli
Sunset Park Deli of NY Incorporated
MI Candileja Restaurant
Carolina Restrnt
Coney Island Buffet