The following statement was issued internally to employees who contribute to the Microsoft political action committee on July 23, 2019. I have added bracketed exclamation points where I could not restrain myself.

Contact:; signal 415 610 0231

Update to MSPAC Members

The start of the fiscal year is bringing changes to our employee political action committee, or MSPAC. Today I'd like to share those changes with you.

We have heard from many employees that greater transparency is needed when it comes to MSPAC policies, giving criteria, and how decisions are made in terms of the candidates we support. Our operations are realigning to reflect that feedback.

First, we are creating new advisory councils based on Employee Resource Groups and geographies to increase dialogue and transparency. These groups will play a role similar to the PAC's Advisory Council, which provides feedback to the Operating Committee on their approach to contributions. We will announce the formation of the groups later this summer.

Second, while we take some time to align operations, I've implemented a brief hiatus for political contributions that began July 1 and will be in effect until the fall. Employees should anticipate one additional disclosure that will show the following contributions through the end of June. This giving reflects contributions to a bipartisan group of lawmakers on their work with us on a range of company priorities, including immigration and equality [!!], and policies to promote privacy, climate [!], trade and the Cloud.

Third, moving forward, you can look forward to more communication from CELA, and from me personally, abnout the MSPAC's political giving. As a reminder, employees can engage on Yammer and advertised in-person meetings around campus to learn more about the MSPAC. Additionally, the MSPAC website provides regular updates on events and related activities.

In closing, I'd like to thank you for your support of MSPAC, which continues to play a key role in our ability to engage with our nation's policy decision makers. MSPAC is made possible by the passion of our engaged employees. It is my goal to remain a trusted steward of our mission.

Thank you for your support,

Fred Humphries Jr.
Corporate Vice President, US Government Affairs.