Six Fixes

This is a program of six fixes to restore privacy on the commercial Internet that I presented at the Fremtidens Internet conference in Copenhagen on September 14, 2015.

The full talk discusses their implications in some detail.

-Maciej Cegłowski

  1. Right To Download

    You have have the right to download any data that you provide a website, or that it collects by observing your behavior, in a usable electronic format.

  2. Right To Delete

    You have the right to remove your account and all associated personal information from any website.

  3. Right to Go Offline

    Any device with wireless Internet access must have a switch that physically disconnects the antenna, and must continue to function with the switch turned off.

  4. Limits on Behavioral Data Collection

    Companies must delete behavioral data (any data not expressly provided by the user, but obtained through observation) after ninety days, and may not sell or otherwise share it with third parties.

  5. Ban On Third Party Ad Tracking

    Sites showing ads may only use two criteria in ad targeting: the content of the page, and whatever information they have about the visitor.

    Sites may continue to use third-party ad networks to serve ads, but those third parties must be forgetful; they may not store any user data across ad requests.

  6. Privacy Promises

    There should be a legal mechanism that lets website owners make binding promises about what data they collect, how long they keep it, and what they use it for.

    Similar in spirit to Creative Commons, this mechanism would allow sites to make specific and legally enforceable claims about their privacy practices.