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Nobody Likes Moon Cakes

Yesterday (October 6) was the mid-Autumn festival, a main event in the lunar calendar that was doubly significant this year, since it fell in the middle of the week-long National Day celebration, when all of China is on vacation and most of China is on the road. Considering that the festival also fell on a Friday, it was nearly the ultimate party weekend, spoiled only by a bit …


Hong Kong

When it comes to the future, we were robbed. Raised in anticipation of the new millennium, we let the grown-ups fill our ears with sweet promises even as they failed to do any of the basic or applied science needed to make them a reality. The year 2000 was supposed to bring us flying cars, flying robots, moon cities, undersea bases, bionic medicine, artificial brains, orbiting …


Ultima Thule

I paid a brief visit home two weeks ago, flying to New York in a plane carrying at least twenty newly-adopted Chinese babies, who cried in shifts. I could hardly blame them, though in the end I wished I could join them. The flight is thirteen hours long and from the middle of coach class has almost nothing to recommend it. Coming home, …

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brevity is for the weak

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