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TV Solidarity
On September 14, 1985, residents of the Polish city of Toruń watching the popular James Bond ripoff 07, Call In (in which a blond and ideologically correct Citizen's Militia officer fights crime from within a series of tight sweaters) were surprised to see the show briefly overlaid with block white letters reading "Solidarity Toruń: Boycotting the election is our duty,"…

Balloon Pirate Radio
One of my earliest childhood memories is the peppy Solidarity stickers that were ubiquitous in Poland in 1981. A third of the population had joined the first indepenent trade union in the Eastern Bloc, and the country was still flying high from John Paul II's 1979 visit, when crowds in th…

Notes From The Brick House
Today I quit my job at Brickhouse, Yahoo's internal startup incubator, where I had been working as a backend developer since January. I'm grateful to my friends and colleagues at Yahoo for giving me this chance to work on interesting projects (particularly Using Google App Engine With Amazon Web Services
(My non-technical readers should pull the ripcord here) Sometimes it can be handy to duct-tape the Google Application Engine to other web tools, such as Amazon's S3 (storage) or SQS (message queue) service. For example, I have been building a little search engine that can import and index a complete list of bookmarks from a del.icio.us acc…

Fairvue and Technorati
Something funny happening on Technorati. A lot of people on Blogspot are using this as their default template. But all the sample links in the blogroll on that template point to a site called Fairvue . If you look at the Technorati Top 100 links, Fairv…

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