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Pasta Back; LOAF Risen

Thanks to Greg Knauss I've been able to get some services working again.

The website for LOAF, the peer-to-peer social network, should now be accessible. We are still looking for someone to help implement LOAF on a mail client real people use. Get in on the ground floor of this exciting Web 2.0pportunity.


For Hire

I've put up an updated resumé in hopes of attracting some freelance work in the New Year. I'm looking for writing jobs, Perl jobs, any kind of web development work, or translation projects from French and Russian into English. For geographical reasons (see below) I can only work off-site, but I will at least be living in a reasonable time zone. Man…


Moving to Argentina

In early January I'm going move to Buenos Aires for a bit. I want to paint, eat beef, swim in the River Plate and enjoy a substantially lower cost of living while I wait for the New York winter to go away. This will fulfill my long-time fantasy of switching hemispheres rather than enduring another four months of cold and dark, something I used to scheme about up in Vermont. I hope it will also …

Idle Words

brevity is for the weak

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