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The Unbearable Thinness of Crust
The most overrated pizza in the world requires a little bit of a road trip, to New Haven, Connecticut. (not a typo, just an affectation) is only two blocks down from , a perfectly wonderful pizza place, and both places claim to have invented ...

Postmodern Pancakes
On Saturday morning, just as the snow forecast was turning truly apocalyptic, I took the train over to Greenwich Village to eat breakfast at the famous with , and watch the snow start falling. Many bookish people mention a sad moment in ch...

French Week: On School Lunches
Take a look at these two school lunch menus, both for the week of March 24-28, 2003. The menu on the left [ ] is from a school in the town of Montigny le Bretonneux, just southwest of Paris; the menu on the right [ ] comes from a school in Pittsford, New York. ...

French Week: Day of the Crêpe
2 cups crêpe batter (see below) 2 tbsp. butter (of course) 1/4 cup sugar 3 meringues 1 shot chartreuse 1 orange peel (for zest, pesticide free) 6 macaroons 1 shot cognac 1 tablespoon peanut oil ...

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