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The Few Things I Won't Miss About Montreal
Late last August, tears falling into my farewell hamburger from Frite Alors!, I inched my way out of Montreal and into the murky borderlands of Québec. My summer in Canada was over. I made up this list to cheer myself on the ride home: Dorval Dorval (YUL) is Montre…

I Cannot Speak Your Crazy Moon Language
One warm Friday night at the start of July, I finally snapped. I had been nearly a month in Montréal, and the situation was so desperate that no idea was off limits. What had been unthinkable just a week before now looked like my only option, and so I logged in and bought tickets to see a French stand-up comedian. Readers of this site will…

Quirky Canada Has Own Currency, Laws
I have bilingual plumbing. The faucets in the kitchen read 'C' and 'H', for 'cold' and 'hot', while the faucets in the bathroom read 'F' and 'C', for 'froid' and 'chaud'. This means that I burn myself twice each day, once while doing the dishes, and once while brushing my teeth. There is a metaphor in there, but Montreal is too nice a city, and the summer is too beautiful a …

The Bay Of Fundy
Yesterday I drove north to the Bay of Fundy, the triangle of water that separates the western half of Nova Scotia from the mainland. As the sign proudly informs you when you get within fifty miles of the coast, this is the home of the highest tides on earth. Tides turn out to be one of those things that The Great Antonio
Blork has written a nice farewell to the Great Antonio, an old-time Quebec strongman who died on Monday. His description of seeing the faded Antonio sitting on a park bench reminds me of the terrible day in high school when I realized that one of our Polish janitors was Wojciech Fortuna, winner of the Olympic gold…

Quebecois Bloggers Respond
I got kind letters in response to last night's post from two Quebec bloggers, Aaron Cope and Martine Page , both of whom help put the episode in a wider context. In return for their generosity, they're about to be hit by the remains of Hurricane Isabel, currently northbound through Vermont and whippin…

I'm writing tonight from the town of Roberval, on the shores of Lac St. Jean, Québec. Lac St. Jean is a very large lake some three hours north of Québec City. On the map the lake shows as a ring of settlements tethered to Quebec and Trois Rivieres, far to the south, by a pair of long, snaking roads. Everything else is pure wilderness, glacial lakes and moraines for hundreds of miles to t…

Halifaxus Remotus
Now that the IEEE conference has ended, I have a chance to explore the beautiful city of Halifax. Right, so maybe the IEEE conference was never a huge obstacle to begin with. But at least now I don't have to feel guilty about wandering the city. And thanks to fluke of airline pricing that made it cost less to stay two extra nights, I get to play the tourist. Halifax is a small and…

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