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Getting Fit In San Francisco

On one of my first days at Yahoo, I looked around and realized that I was staring into my own future unless I took immediate corrective action. As much as I admired my co-worker's craftsmanship, I did not want to end up carving my own Gandalf walking staff to assist my overtaxed legs in getting me onto the wide-seated commuter shuttle.

Thankfully, San Fra…



There is nothing distinctive about the Polish border with Ukraine. This part of the world sits on an endless, invasion-friendly plain crisscrossed by rivers that meander around without a clear sense of purpose before giving up in exasperation and draining into the Baltic or Black Sea. Historically, borders here have not counted for much. If you had horses, archers and an ac…


Blog Gardening

This has always been a rather passive-aggressive website, technologically speaking. You could read recent things, and you could read certain older things, but God help you if you wanted to poke around in the archives. The site was assembled by a script I wrote one night after two bottles of wine in 2002, and was afraid to ever look at again, let alone touch.


You Forgot Poland

The following are excerpts from an article by Juliusz Ćwieluch and Wawrzyniec Smoczyński [what a name!] that appeared on October 25, 2008 in the popular Polish newsweekly Polityka:

“I was told about the attack a few hours before it started. It was at night, I got a call from vice-president Cheney” recalls [former Polish President] Aleksander Kwaśniews…

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brevity is for the weak

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