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A Short Play About Baggage


Scene I The departure lounge of the Buenos Aires airport international airport. An EASEL stands next to a SMALL

DRAGGY BAG and SUITCASE on a baggage scale. It is night. A tall, intimidating CONTINENTAL GATE AGENT stands glowering behind the bags.

EASEL: Somebody please unfold me.

GATE AGENT: Sir, there is a $100 excess baggage fee if you want to check a third bag.



The Carp

(by Sławomir Mrożek)

We have to buy a carp for the holidays. To keep the carp alive that long, you have to keep him in the tub. But to put him in the tub, you have to take out the coal. You can store the coal in the hallway, but then where do you put the potatoes? We thought about it, thought about it, and then my mother-in-law came up with a solution: you put the potatoes in…


Job Hunting

With apologies for using the blog as a job board, my four-month contract in Beijing has just ended and I'm looking for work again. There are three things I can do fairly well:

Freelance Writing

Apart from the kind of blog stuff you see here, I've written a couple of well-received technical articles and popularizations. My specialty is presenting technical material to nontech…

Idle Words

brevity is for the weak

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