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The Unbearable Thinness of Crust

The worst pizza in the world is sold at a certain snack counter in Edinburgh. Walk down Princes Street until it turns left onto Leith Walk, and then continue for about a block until you see on your right a diner with pink neon lights in the window. Then turn around and run as fast as your legs can take you, because even the faintest whiff of that shriveled red square of ketc…


The Box Trucks of Spring

Spring is here, and the box trucks are cautiously emerging from their winter quarters, ready for another hot summer.

The first harbinger in our neighborhood was the salsa truck, an elusive nocturnal vehicle that arrived in late February. I have never actually seen a salsa truck, but you can hear them whenever they pass within ten blocks or so, delivering salsa music to those unlucky neigh…


In Which I Quit My Job

Joshua did it, Jason did it; and it seems I get to do it, too. Maybe now we can call it a trend.

I started working, in the sense of receiving regular paychecks in return for sitting in an office, in the summer of 2000. At the time I was living in Ver…


Dabblers And Blowhards

I actually worry a lot that as I get "popular" I'll be able to get away with saying stupider stuff than I would have dared say before. This sort of thing happens to a lot of people, and I would *really* like to avoid it

- Paul Graham, posting on

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Dabblers and Blowhards
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Every Damn Thing

Every Damn Thing

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