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A Week With No Tear Gas

On Saturday I went to join the march up in To Kwa Wan. Throughout August, the police had been growing more skittish about granting the once routine “no objection” letters that make a protest legal. They had limited this march to a brief route through a residential area, ending at the Whampoa MTR station.

Like all the protests that manage to obtain police permission, this was a family a…


A Walk In Hong Kong

My mom fainted the first time she set foot in an American supermarket. It was 1981 and we were freshly arrived in America, and some combination of the culture shock and smell and sensory overload of a Safeway was too much for her, not normally a fainting woman.

I didn’t faint, but I stood transfixed in the cerea…


Who Should Secure Congressional Campaigns?

In my previous post, I wrote about my efforts to secure Congressional campaigns in 2018. Obviously, this should be somebody's real job, but figuring out whose is not easy.

I have gathered all of the suspects here in the conservatory, so let's go through them one by one.

(A remin…

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Why did 19th century explorers forget the simple cure for scurvy?

No Evidence of Disease
A cancer story with an unfortunate complication.

Controlled Tango Into Terrain
Trying to learn how to dance in Argentina

Dabblers and Blowhards
Calling out Paul Graham for a silly essay about painting

Attacked By Thugs
Warsaw police hijinks

Dating Without Kundera
Practical alternatives to the Slavic Dave Matthews

A Rocket To Nowhere
A Space Shuttle rant

Best Practices For Time Travelers
The story of John Titor, visitor from the future

100 Years Of Turbulence
The Wright Brothers and the harmful effects of patent law

Every Damn Thing

Every Damn Thing

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