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PT Cruiser

I got to fly down to Harrisburg, Pennsylvania the other day in a little nineteen-seater plane - two of them in a row, actually, touching down at Albany. They feel like minivans with wings, these little planes - no flight attendants, no overhead bins, no safety demonstration. But the best part by far is that you get to watch through the windshield as the plane comes in to land - the big rectangle of runway getting bigger, little planes on the ground growing bigger, pilots clicking mystery switches and doing their pilot things. I like this very much - up and down within half an hour through the little Albany airport, with none of the hassle of a big airport hub.

I am in Charlottesville tonight, down in Virginia, with a long trip back to Harrisburg looming in the morning. The bad news is that I have to be on the road by five to make it to the airport on time, the good news is that the Big Boss traveling with me decided we needed to travel in style, in a bright red PT Cruiser. I'm a big man in my PT Cruiser, rolling around Charlottesville, zooming in to Monticello, giving a demo on the giant UVA plasma screen. But it will be good to be home.

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