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The Rural Life

It snowed all last night, a good six inches of beautiful light powder, and because I am a lazy bum, I did not get out to shovel my walk until after dark, when it was time to go fetch dinner at the grocery store. Usually when the snow falls before dawn, the sun has all day to press it down into a sodden white slab, and the shoveling is hard. Tonight, though, the shoveling was effortless. It was like moving pixie dust around, little bits of it sparkling in the darkness, and falling down my collar.

Weblogs are an urban sort of phenomenon. Just like hip-hop, we have the west coast school and the east coast school, albeit with far fewer shootings, and the concomitant fixation on San Francisco and New York living. It does tend to give the community a terribly urban bias (and the reason is this: it's hard to be a net junkie without broadband, and you can't get broadband outside the major cities. This isn't South Korea). But I will pretend I am the Verlyn Klinkenborg of weblogging, and enjoy my snowdrifts and blissful winter quiet.

I just wish the better half would come home so we can make a snow pig.

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