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I want to welcome the new Idle Words mascot, a handsome Antarctic ocean pout. For you RSS readers, I'm talking about a fish who has taken up residence on my home page, a sort of piscine banner ad. Come out of your aggregator and pay him a visit. The ocean pout is notable for his extreme endurance to cold: even though the waters he frequents are below the fresh water freezing point, he contains special antifreeze proteins that bind to ice crystals before they can grow, and thereby keep him safe. And so we salute the ocean pout, for inspiring the snowbound. - Sayed Razavi has an excellent and thoughtful post about the impending Iraq war.

At the eve of this war any rational, patriotic individual with a modest sense of humanity must always be prepared to stand against poorly advised policy.
There's also good documentation on the recent attempts by CNN to out-Fox Fox News (by selectively redacting content that doesn't fit their storyline). So we salute Sayed as well, whatever his resistance to cold.

« False PretensesHelping Americans Prepare For Fiery Death »

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