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Caterina.net writes about the sex life of bacteria. Aren't Sundays great?

You can have sex, with males possessing a sexual apparatus for transferring genetic information to receptive females. However, since you are both going 30 mph it is difficult to find each other. Furthermore, if you are male, nature gave you a severe problem. Everytime you mate with a female, she turns into a male

That is just the story of my life.

If you've never read Caterina.net, it's one of those great weblogs that follows its own path, and doesn't just link to the popular stories of the day. This is a highly desirable feature on a Sunday, after you've worked your way through Daypop and the Internet feels like an empty husk. You can find more succor at Mimi Smartypants, who today is rating Sesame Street characters based on their party potential:

Oscar the Grouch. Now we're talking. Me and Oscar, getting all kinds of punk rock fucked-up on amphetamines and malt liquor. We would watch skateboard videos on TV and then we'd get bored and kick in the TV screen and roll around in the shards a la Iggy Pop.

It's a wonderful list, but I'm shocked at her omission of Snuffleupagus. Can you imagine how much fun it would be to snort coke with him? "Hey Aloysius, blow some of that flake my way!"

(Kids, the preceding is a fictionalized account that does not convey the true horror of drug abuse. Stay in school.)

I feel silly to be plugging these blogs, it's like Thomas Kinkade talking up Van Gogh, but they may be news to at least one of you. If that's the case, enjoy!

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