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Baked By Mom

You know how pot is supposed to be a gateway drug, leading inexorably to hard drug use and untimely death? A different take on the matter, by a mom who kept her son baked so he wouldn't touch the demon rum:

An Austrian woman who made her 16 year old son smoke up to ten marijuana joints a day to keep him from drinking alcohol was arrested in Villach, in southern Austria, according to police reports on Friday . "Believing that cannabis is good for one's health, and that there is nothing harmful about the drug, she said she wanted to keep him from abusing alcohol." said Markus Plazer, director of criminal police in Villach, in the southern province of Carinthia. The therapy began three or four years ago. The high school student was given cannabis tea or joints every day. "Between five and ten joints a day, not counting cannabis tea", said Mr. Plazer, specifying that the boy was not coerced. "They consumed cannabis together", he said.

From a wire story in Le Monde (in French).

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