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Microsoft Headhunting

A curious surprise - it seems Microsoft is recruiting bloggers!

I just got a headhunting letter from one Kat Morrell, inviting me to apply for a job with the MSN Search people. From the letter, it sounds like they're preparing the Anti-Google - indexing the entire Internet to create "a search engine that will leapfrog over current technologies".

To which I say, leapfrog over my FLYING SHAOLIN FIST OF DEATH!

Except, polite-like.

The truth is, I'm swimming in Benjamins working in the non-profit sector, all while living my dream life just seventeen miles from cosmopolitan Rutland, VT (recently discovered to have a good Mexican restaurant!!). What could Microsoft possibly offer me?

Still, I find it fascinating that they're sifting through weblogs to find people interested in search technology. It was obvious that the recruiter had spent more than a few minutes actually reading the site.

Hungry? Need work? Intrigued by the prospect of belonging to a collective hive-mind and drawing a paycheck? Start blogging about search engines!

You can find more details on the MSN job descriptions page.

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