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Link Fiesta

Don't fill up on bread, because today I have a tasty assortment of links. My fellow idler is much more proficient and reliable at this sort of thing, but we all have to do our part. A workweek is a long, empty, cavernous thing.

First up is Uber Wench, whose BDSM site will suddenly make all those posts you wrote about XML processing directives seem a little dry. I particularly like offhand lines like:

I think my favourite thing about wearing a leather harness that exposes my nipples is how uncomfortable it makes some people.

For me, it's the way it speeds up a staff meeting.

Truly lonely guys should consider giving Uber Wench a pass, because nothing hollows out that inner pit of despair like the knowledge that there are happy, kinky, sexually active women out there who have no intention of meeting you.

Moderately lonely guys may consider a preliminary visit to JackinWorld, the "ultimate male masturbation resource", where they will find valuable technical advice and articles about the finer points of self-love. Don't miss the column by Bruce McFarland:

JackinWorld assistant editor Bruce McFarland, who has a B.A. in Creative Writing, has practiced Taoist erotic techniques for years and continues to study the intricacies of human sexuality. Though involved in a relationship, he enjoys masturbating now more than ever.

I guess that's the magic of relationships.

The link to JackinWorld comes to you courtesy of Goin' Blind, one man's online masturbation diary, and the answer to the question: "whither the blogosphere?". I am sure there are many other such journals online, but I really, really, really don't want to find them (this one snuck up on me out of a random sample... no, really... it was a friend... I was just...).

To give the author credit, he doesn't shy from the obvious question: "why am I writing a public diary about this?"

I started this as a way to answer a question for myself. I've always had this sneaking worry that I masturbate too much. I've wondered if I needed to cut down or be concerned. Posting about it was a way for me to keep track of what I was doing and how often, and making it public would make it harder to blow it off, since I was writing for an audience (no matter how small)

And I have to admit he's found a pretty workable solution to the online diarist's complaint of having nothing to write about.

A fellow named Nate takes this philosophy and runs with it on his Weed Log, which might as well be called Please Come And Arrest Me:

I smoked 2 kinds of weed before Orange Dank and High TenDs(or however you spell it). That dance was very lame but its was awesome, becuase i was high. hahahaha.

I especially love that the Weed Log is just two entries long. Nate, I hope it's because you found some really spectacular bud, and not the weekly DEA Google search.

While we wait for Nate to come down/make bail, there is always Anti's Boring Blog, which answers the question "What if Jim Anchower kept an online journal?"

i am in a desperate situation. i have debt. collectors are mailing me threatening things. i owe money all over town. if i don't come up with a way to get/borrow the right ammount of cash, i'm fucked. please email me, and i'll give you a mailing address to send any donations that i can get. brother can you spare a dime? or at least a dime sack?? update 3:44pm.... noone has emailed me at all. i need money man, i'll sell my belongings, i'll steal, i'll do what i have to. maybe it's time i just give in and become a male stripper. or selling naked photos of myself thru the internet. the bill collectors or knocking on the door as we speak. ooops nevermind. that was my neighbor. she's a cougar. all my neighbors are cougars. aka, older women who crunch on younger men. maybe i could exploit the cougar factor into some cash... anyone got golddigging skills?

By way of antidote, I'd recommend a visit to Girlyshoes, who has a nice collection of political one-liners, and far fewer pictures of her face in extreme close up.

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