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Idle Words 2003 European Tour

Visa and MasterCard are proud to announce the official 2003 Idle Words tour of Western Europe, coming this November to a city near you:

  • 19 - Reykjavik
  • 20 - Amsterdam
  • 22 - Utrecht
  • 23 - The Hague
  • 24 - Haarlem
  • 25 - Brussels
  • 27 - Nice
  • 29 - Paris
  • 30 - Antwerp
If you live along this itinerary, here is your chance to say hello and drain the alcoholic beverage of your choice with one of America's northernmost bloggers. Because let's face it - when are you ever coming to Vermont? I'm on a mission to see old paintings (Belgium, Netherlands), and old friends (France). But it is always good to make new friends along the way. Send an email and I will be glad to meet you. Extra special thanks to Marrije Schaake, who responded to my Ugly American request ("Holland - what can you tell me?") with the kind of avalanche of useful information that puts me to shame. I don't even know the street names in my own town, let alone where one can go to see some Old Masters. The Netherlands - I can't wait!

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