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Calm the Fuck Down

Dave Winer this morning:

Driving through Bush Country, looking Jewish with Massachusetts plates on my Lexus, I felt really self-conscious. 51 percent of the electorate looked the other way and re-elected a President who started a war with a far-away country that was no threat to the US. Why do people like me feel so scared of what this country has become?

Because they're histrionic, attention-seeking narcissists?

Simple. How do we know they won't go to war with us?
Ah. And Glenn Fleishmann on BoingBoing:
I've been Jewish, not very observant, my whole life. I'm one of the first generations of Jews to not fear assault as they went to school or lived their lives in secular or religious ways. To not worry about slaughter. I have only met a handful of concentration camp survivors, including a teacher in college. I don't know what it is to be oppressed or insulted for my ethnic and religious heritage. Today is the first day I am afraid in America because I am Jewish. Today is the first day I fear for my new son, who is not, but has a Jewish father.

I vote that Godwin's Law applies here.

Don't make me come over there and take your kid.

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