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Job Hunting

With apologies for using the blog as a job board, my four-month contract in Beijing has just ended and I'm looking for work again. There are three things I can do fairly well:

Freelance Writing

Apart from the kind of blog stuff you see here, I've written a couple of well-received technical articles and popularizations. My specialty is presenting technical material to nontechnical people in a way that persuades them to part with large sums of money. For three years my job involved seducing a liberal arts foundation board with beautiful grant proposals in information retrieval; I later worked as a program officer for that same foundation and so learned the correct milking procedure in great detail. I would be happy to help with grant proposals, prospectuses, white papers or technical documentation.


I spent a number of years doing short-notice technical translations from French and Russian into English, mainly in the areas of computer software, organic chemistry, and food science. Please email me if you'd like to see samples.


I've done a lot of work with natural-language processing, including running a now-defunct blog census, writing the automatic language identifier that powers Technorati, and doing some interesting things with literary text. I've also worked on numerous projects in information retrieval and categorization, including latent semantic search, automated clustering as applied to iTunes, and the beloved but unimplemented LOAF distributed social network. My most recent job involved designing an AJAX templating framework and doing extensive integration work with Google maps, I hope to have samples of this up shortly.

I'm legal to work in the United States, United Kingdom, Poland and (for unfathomable reasons) Sweden. I can work full-time starting in mid-November, and I'm available for freelance jobs starting now. My full resume is here and any email inquiries are welcome.

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