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Notes From The Brick House

Today I quit my job at Brickhouse, Yahoo's internal startup incubator, where I had been working as a backend developer since January. I'm grateful to my friends and colleagues at Yahoo for giving me this chance to work on interesting projects (particularly upcoming.org and Pipes) and, like Jonah inside the whale, to experience what it's like to inhabit one of these Web giants (dark and fishy).

The unvarying reason for leaving any tech job is to ‘pursue opportunities elsewhere’, and this where I need help:

I'm a Perl and JavaScript developer looking for contract work in the San Francisco area. I can design Web applications, help with scaling and integration, build search and recommendations engines, and deliver working code on deadline without a lot of supervision.

These self-promotional themes are fully rehearsed in my resume; please contact me at maciej@ceglowski.com to talk turkey.

As an added bonus request, a Beijing collaborator of mine has returned to the Bay Area and the two of us are looking for a sliver of San Francisco office space where we could work quietly on some open source projects. We're low-overhead, willing to offer consulting services as barter, and the projects are cool enough (spraypaintable search interface for online maps, Flash as a client-side search engine) to liven up anyone's workspace. All we require is two chairs, a table and a Web connection.

Thanks for bearing with the biannual jobseeking post!

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